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Twitter absolutely sucks like that. Im lucky I never got banned or suspended or anything, but honestly I found most of my commissions ended up being from everywhere but twitter. Most of my reoccuring clients are from Discord too. Twitter is a hellscape and than ONTOP of that is also having that good ol' ban problem, it just makes it hard for a lot of people. Im slowly phasing twitter out of my daily life cuz it's just way to overwhelming and trashy for me.

Sorry to hear your account got deleted though! :c

It just happened so quickly and I could just not do anything at all. Like it's insane in a way. I love censorship.
Thanks for passing by.

@ClunkyDot @CrashCanTheMan Yeah, like you honestly gotta act like- pure on that site to be left alone from the twitter mods. If you say anything remotely "suspicious" or "too mean" you'll get taken down, but other accounts that are 10x worse ends up being left alone. It makes no sense to me at all.

You're welcome by the way!

you simply should've dodged the ban (fuck twitter LOL)

I have invested all my points in booba and productivity, nothing was add in dodge skill.... Epic sad moment gamer moment

Nuuuuuuuu, I can’t believe you got suspended ;~;

It got me so mad dude it's insane.

Now you must make your fans retweet to find you new mutuals.

Don't worry, I have some associated mutuals I can work with. I'm going to get back on track fast

Heard of this from Haror. Twitter shouldn't be so stringent about private conversations. You hardly deserved this, you're a good guy.

Haror is such a bro, I'm glad I had him and another dude on my side to warn my followers :')

Sucks to hear that man. Twitter is incredibly salty and random about whatever it finds "offensive", but hypocritical in that they allow some real terrible shit from their own favored guys. Go figure. *shrugs* Hope you can bounce back bigger with even more success!

Yeah I've seen way worse on this platform to be honest, like there was a trend in my country where people were realy offensive towards jewish and islamic people for no god damn reasons and no accounts were suspended. Total twitter logic.

If you wanna make another twitter account, don't forget to do the following:
-Clear your browser's Saved Data/Cache (this is what they track your logins with)
-Get another phone number (some phone service companies let you get a pre-pay charge card for free even)


Oh thank you!
This is definetly something I'm gona add to my plan, thanks alot :D

As usual Twitter is a shit-show...

Yeah... I was'nt expecting much from their client services to be honest. The website is a golden oportunity for creators but you make one mistake and it's game over

I'm sorry this happened, I hate how utterly stupid Twitter is. I wouldn't be surprised if they've caused someone to go homeless by now because their source of income gets banned for a joke, or for... boobs.

Honestly Twitter was my new job...

I never used twitter, but i hope that you get other ways of allow

I never used twitter, but i hope that you get other ways of allow

I never used twitter, but i hope that you get other ways of allow

I never used twitter, but i hope that you get other ways of allow

I really enjoy your artwork and I apologise greatly that you have been thrown off such a platform that is considered important, if I were to get a Twitter account, it would probably only be used to get commissions… I do not have many social media, I just hope that things Will be alright, Keep being amazing, and giant man appreciates you

Welcome to the club bro

Can't have shit in sanitized normie land.