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Quick question

Posted by CrashCanTheMan - January 16th, 2021

Real talk, how do you know you're depressed?

I'm asking this for myself, I feel like a total piece of shit most of the time wihtout knowing why, without reasons. I've seen symptoms of depression online, I kinda match with these. I think I should see a doctor or some shit but they cost like hell and I don't even have the motivation to go out....


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For me figuring out that I was depressed was just having a shitty feeling for weeks, thinking about things from my childhood made me realize that this was going on. I feel like you know when there’s this constant memory in the back of your head that over time makes you depressed.

Oh yeah... I kinda see that. I did'nt had the best childhood a kid could ask for. And this feeling I have of being a sack of shit is the same since a time I can't recall... Thanks Pix, sorry to read you're drepressed :(

Hi mate ! It is hard to get inspiration or energy to do shit, but even if it's expensive and you don't have the energy,do try to go to a real doctor as fast as possible. It all starts with feeling shitty for some time, then you stop talking to your friends and it keeps getting worse and worse. If you're showing symptons, which you are, then it's important you try to get a diagnostic.
Depression is a self-feeding cicle, and it's really sad to watch, or be, in it. Good luck, and hope you get better ❤

Wow thanks... I guess I need to get in touch with a doc. Thanks for passing by it's super sweet

late comment and generic answer on my part,but in my case,i think it comes in the form of total procrastination,where i can't even start looking at what im suppoused to do before wasting hours to no end on youtube videos. even when i try to come back to my task in hand (especially when it comes to studying),i glance at it for 4 seconds,get stressed,scared and angry and leave for the next 2 hours.. i suppose you've been having something like that too...

a doctor might be complicated,coping with depression is complicated and might take a long while,but depression is as dangerous as other physical medical condition,and maybe even worse. it's best if you take care of your health

Yeah I do get that too when I'm really hiting the bottom. Like I can't do shits of my days. But since I'm kinda productive right now, I guess things are alright :D

Thanks for passing by, it's never too late, I'm always open for conversation

This might be a bit silly, but I started taking some Psilocybin/Shrooms (Decriminalized here) and I was unbelievably transformed. I wasn't using them to get high or anything crazy, just microdosing, and I didn't even realize how depressed I was until I was feeling great. Big transformation personally, but I'm not sure if you'd be able to find them where you are. Just thought I'd share as someone who just recovered from a heavy depression myself.

I kinda see what you mean. I can relate with me cuddling with my gf, it's only when I'm with her that I see how shitty my life is when I'm not with her. I guess my gf is the equivalent to your shrooms xD